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Welcome! K. K. Wagh English School


  1. Pupil should be present in time to school.
  2. Application for leave of child should be made by the parents or guardians themselves in writing.
  3. If pupil is absent due to illness,the Head Mistress should be informed at once.
  4. Please see that the pupils attend to their homework,at home properly.
  5. Every guardian is requested to see that his/ her ward wear complete uniform prescribed by the school.
  6. Ragging is strictly prohibited as per Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 Inside or outside the school premises.
  7. Students must not touch any equipment of chemicals without the teachers permission, as it could prove to be hazardous.
  8. Students are expected to maintain complete discipline and follow the instructions given by the teachers.
  9. A Student must have 75% attendance during the year.
  10. Pupil should be clean in their habits and dress.